Sas Zombie Assault Game Series

Sas zombie assault 4

Sas zombie assault 4 is also referred to as SAS 4 or ZA4. This is the fourth game in the main SAS Zombie Assault series. It is the sequel to the Zombie Assault 3.


This game features three different character classes which have their own exclusive skills. These are provided with 75 weapons and 57 kinds of armor pieces. All these armor pieces are to be obtained in different ways. 4-player team multiplayer is also included in Sas zombie assault 4. Chat is included only in multiplayer mode.

Main Missions

  • Onslaught
  • Survivors
  • Vaccine
  • Zombie Pods
  • Power Out
  • VIP
  • Meltdown (it is only available on PC)
  • Ice Station (it is available only on PC)
  • Last Stand

Side Quests

  • Nightmare Mode (it is available only on PC)
  • Events
  • Contracts
  • Championships (it is available only on PC)


In the Sas zombie assault 4, any player is allowed to possess 2 different types of characters. The third one will open when any of the two characters reach the level 20. Once the characters reach the level 60 another slot is made available to you. You can also purchase fifth or sixth character slot.

While creating any character, you can opt to choose either from Heavy classes or Medic, or Assault, which are available to you. Below are the descriptions of each class:

Assault troops can be used when there is need of surprise, speed and a lot of action

The medic class is expert in applying efficient and fast ways for repairing of tissues. They also possess deadly SAS training.

Heavy Gunners’ specialize in the skill of providing force where the enemy is positioned.

All of the above-mentioned class consists 7 unique skills. Once you reach level 20 you can get access of ultimate skills. The special skill of Assault class is “Assault Team”. Assault class has the special ability to call for a team consisting of a lot of soldiers in order to fight for them in the battle. Medic class is specialized in making “Zombie Antidote”. This antidote is capable of causing large-scale damage to the Zombies. The Heavy class is specialized in “Aerial Bombardment”.

At the start of the Sas zombie assault 4, you will receive cash 2000 SAS, which you can use while purchasing turrets, grenades or gun augments. Every time you go a level up you will receive a strongbox, which will help you to get a new class of weapon or new gear.


In Sas zombie assault 4, the first mission is that you have to defend your ramps with the help of blast doors which you need to use like barricades during the first 3 games. The 8th mission features with an area with fixable barricades. This area also needs to be defended.

In Sas zombie assault 4, you need to find the guns and armors which are placed in strong boxes. You need to kill some particular type of Zombies or bosses which are less common.

After reaching the level 20, players from Assault class gets to unlock a new skill which can be used to call in more Assault soldiers. These soldiers disappear after a few seconds.

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