A glimpse on history, pros and cons of online gaming

Brief History of Online Games

An online game is a video game that either partially or primarily played through the Internet or another computer network. Since the 1990’s a number of computer, video and online games have been developed. In this modern era, entertainment is available in just one click of a button. Millions of people play online games by sitting at different places in the world and this is what constitutes a virtual world. Online games seem very realistic as developed by the creative developers.

There is wide interest in the potential of ‘serious’ online games as vehicles for learning. Online games are intended to produce changes in the gamer’s behavior, attitude which is reflected in their real lives.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Online games are full of amusement and fun for some people while it becomes an addiction to some gamers. So, it can have both pros and cons. First, let us look at its advantages:

  • For workers, online games serve as a media to relieve their day-to-day life mental stresses and gives them self-satisfaction of accomplishment of their goal.
  • Scientific research has proven that the critical thinking skills of gamers and their minds work 20% faster when it comes to practical work as compared to non-gamers.


Now, some of its disadvantages include:

  • Some people become addicted to the online games which has adverse effect not only health wise, but also in their daily lives.
  • Sometime people spend more time in their computer than some other things, which sometimes tend to make them literally useless.
  • Online games can be very addictive; it could lead to serious diseases like obesity.


What Makes an Online Game Addictive?

There are many features and characteristics in online games, making them seem addictive to the gamer. Some of them are as follows: –

  • The High Score: Trying to beat the high score even if the player is trying to beat his own score can keep a player playing for hours. This is one of the major reasons to make someone addicted.
  • Beating the Game: This is the most prominent reason to make an online game addictive. The desire to beat the game is fed as a player “levels up,” or finds the next hidden clue. This desire and excitement of getting something new and more challenging keeps a player busy for hours without batting an eye-lid.
  • Best character: As the player moves on in the game, consequently, an emotional attachment to the character starts building up, and the story makes it much harder to stop playing it.
  • Discovery: The adventurous and exploring games are another reason for it. The thrill of discovery and exploring even if it does not really exist in the virtual world can be quite compelling.
  • Relationships: Online role-playing games allow people to build relationships with other players. This online community becomes the place where they’re most accepted, which draws them back again and again. This makes it tempting for them to switch to online virtual world for more hours than required.


Online Gaming and Offline Gaming

Gaming is the act of playing a video game, encoded in such a format that a combination of visual aid and sound reflects a virtual world. There are many people who play games daily on their personal computers or laptops. There are two formats of people on which people can play the games i.e. online gaming and offline gaming. Both platforms are complex and challenging. Games helps you in releasing your stress and tiredness that you had during the day.

Benefits of Gaming

One may find many benefits while you are playing the game.

  1. Games help you in overcoming your stress.
  2. Games helps you in improving your vision.
  3. Games helps the children who are ill or have injuries.
  4. This is a kind of physiotherapy.
  5. They help in creating team players.
  6. Games help you in increasing the skills.
  7. Games help you in gaining self-confidence.
  8. These are the source of joy and competition.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is the video game that is played on internet or with the help of other network. Online gaming is a new kind of platform that includes Personal Computers, Consoles, mobile and many other genres. There are various kinds of games that one can find online. These include Shooting games, strategy games, multiplayer online games etc. Online gaming can make your whole world like your playground. One can enjoy the online gaming with your friends or family and one can even chat with them. You can contact with them using text, webcam, or microphone etc. These games require an uninterrupted internet connection so that you can play the game smoothly.

There is a more realistic experience when you are playing the games online. There are many online games while you are playing against real, thinking humans than artificial intelligence that makes your experience more realistic experience.

Many websites offer free games that are simple and one can easily play those games. One would have to log in with their account and can have access to the games and achievements that you have made while you were playing the game.

Offline Gaming

Offline gaming on the other hand is a different platform that offers you the play the game alone. There is an uninterrupted demand play and this is the main reason why most of the people love offline game. The main benefits of offline gaming is that one would not require any internet connection all the time. There are many platforms of which you can play the games offline. This involves personal computers, gaming consoles like Xbox, Play Station etc. These are the most loved platforms that one can use. The offline games are more challenging and tuff that helps you completing the level at any cost. These games test your skills and tactics. Gamers want their own games and offline servers let you complete the game at your own. One can also download the offline games if you are not able to purchase the game.