Have a good time with puppet soccer game

What is a “Puppet Soccer” game all about?

Puppet Soccer is a flash game. A flash game is basically a game which is made in Adobe Flash. This game is created by NOXGAMES. NOXGAMES have also given some other humorous games like 2048 Epic Story, Crazy Golf Cart-2, Monster Truck America, Puppet Ice Hockey, etc. NOXGAMES have created hundreds of flash games similar to these. It is a flash game that deals with awesome football action with puppets. As this game deals with the combination of puppet and football, it falls in the category oh humorous games. Player needs to score as many goals as possible while defending their own net. This game turns out to be humorous as puppets (or to be precise, funny cartoon graphics) are used.  Whole 90+ hilarious cartoons are included.


How to play “Puppet soccer” game?

This is a totally addictive game. In this game, the player smashes the football. The player picks up the favorite World Cup team and plays as a well-known football player from that team. As the game progresses, the player tactically plays hazard offense and dummy defense as he ascends the World Cup ladder.

Gaming features of the “Puppet soccer” game:

  • The game gives an option to choose from more than 32 countries and also more than 90 players.
  • Players aim their headers and practice their kicks perfectly to destroy their opponent’s defense.
  • Options are provided to use ice, slime and gum in order to add up to their advantage making the game of puppets humorous.
  • The bonus powers given to the player are also humorous. They include- ice slime, chewing gum, money, small and large ball, super power, gypsum, etc.
  • The upgraded game includes the features like jump, kick and speed. Also regular updates for this game are available.

The new upgrade for this game includes splitting the screen into two parts for two individual players playing on a single device.

Technical features of the game

  • Platforms on which this game can run- Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Flash, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tab, Android Console.
  • Creator of this flash game is NOXGAMES
  • Engine type is Custom Built
  • Home Page is Puppetsoccer.com
  • Release Date is May 14,2014 (for Android)
  • Genre of the game is Soccer
  • Theme is Comic as discussed above
  • Players allowed to play this game are Single as well as Multiplayer

Some statistics of the game:

  • Rank- 13,113 out of 30,767 games
  • Visits to the game- 795
  • Last update of the game- 1 year ago

Availability options of the game:

The first Android version of this Puppet soccer game was released in 2014. It is available for Android on Google Play and iOS versions are available on the App Store.

Popularity of the game:

The Puppet soccer game has received up to 250,000 on Google Play, which clearly shows its popularity. Moreover, they have a great rating of 4.41 from more than 9000 votes.


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