Infiltrating the Airship: Full game review

With hundreds of Flash games out there it’s difficult to find one game that has it all. But we’re guessing this one game must be on top of these. Today the game we’re going to review has taken over the internet pretty fast and due to its faster updates and newer versions. Well, we’re definitely a fan of it after just a few games and we’re pretty sure you too are already a fan of the many different versions of the game that are available in the market. That’s right, I’m talking about the newest installment for stickman games, ‘Infiltrating the Airship’. Let us look even closer into the game and realize just how the game is too good to be true.

Excellent Gameplay

Even though stickman games limit themselves into making flash games and only flash games, it is important to notice that the gameplay for each of these games is as excellent as can be. They are fast. They are amazing to use and they are excellent when it comes to having fun. Each of the game has a new adventure that triggers the adrenaline rush in you making sure of the fact that whatever you choose to play, is one of a kind and very useful. Make the most out of your gameplay and enjoy it every second with Infiltrating the Airship, today.

infiltrating the airship

Continous Storyline

Don’t you just love games that have a special story? Well, that’s exactly what they give you with Infiltrating the Airship. The Stickman games series is a continued sequel to many of the hit earlier games that Stickman games released. From ‘Breaking the Bank’ to ‘Stealing the Diamond’ and even ‘Escaping the prison’. All of these storylines revolve around Henry Stickman who is apparently the heroic stick figure character that does everything there is to do in the game. The storyline is one thing that we think is the heart and soul of the game. It ignites the passion of the viewer and gives him perhaps the best experience in a game story line that he needs. For a flash game, that’s pretty big deal.

Smooth Controls

With awesome gameplay and storyline on the table, the only thing that seems left out to make ‘Infiltrating the Airship’ the best game out there is perhaps the game controls. Well, for a flash game like ‘Infiltrating the Airship’ you won’t have get a joystick and set controls up for each of the buttons. It’s a simple game when it comes to control and revolves around 3 to 4 buttons. If you were looking for a game that you can hand your toddler when he’s bored, this is the one. With no adult language or graphics and quite the excitement, ‘Infiltrating the Airship’ is one game that can fit to every gender from every age.

Hence, the game is easily one of the best ones in our index. Try it out today for free! We’re sure you’ll love it too.

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