Pixel Warfare game

Pixel Warfare is another game which has been developed by Paco Games seeing the demand of war and action games. Pixel Warfare is a totally 3-dimensional shooting game. The game Pixel warfare is inspired by games like Minecraft and call of duty. You need a Unity Web Player for playing this game. This game is also now available on Google play store and Apple store due to its increasing demands.

This game is full of some challenging missions and uncountable things which the player needs to explore. You just need to select your team and go out to an open war.  Your main objective in this game is to wipe out your enemies before they can harm you or your team.

There is a lot of weapons included in this game whether it is handguns, shotguns, machine guns or whatever weapons you will need to fight a battle.

Game Instructions

Nothing is complicated in Pixel Warfare. For movement, use the Arrow keys for movement; you can also use the keys WASD for movement. Press the spacebar when you need to jump. To aim and shoot, use your mouse. Use the button R to reload and key numbers 1-6 to change your weapons.

Here are a few tips which will help you succeed in this shooting game.

Aim down the Sight

All you need to do is to press a button and you are ready to shoot. It will be helpful to you that you don’t move while you are aiming. Any movement can disturb your aiming and it becomes harder to hit your target.

When you need to Fire

The timing of firing is the most important thing while playing games like Pixel Warfare. The timing should be perfect because if you miss out on first shot, then it can lead you to lose the battle. You should avoid shooting enemies at a premature spot. While firing you need to make sure that your target is in your firing line and will be dead when you shoot, else you are welcoming trouble upon yourself.

Quick attack

It counts as an instant kill and helps you to go up the level in a dramatic manner. The ability to latch onto your target as quickly as you can improves the chances of surviving the war.  It needs a lot of practice. The important thing you need to quickly latch on to your enemies is the coordination of you and the hardware you are using whether it is the mouse or keyboard. So, you need to be comfortable with whatever hardware you are using to play.

Close range Shooting

This type of shooting is better as close range battles. When your enemy gets closer this is the time you start to panic and start shooting at the enemy. The thing you need to realize is that there are different ways to fight with someone who is pretty close to you. The best option you can have is to keep a knife with you so that you can attack your enemies when they are closer. You can play the game at pixelwarfare2.com.

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