Best Pac-Man Games

Pac-Man is considered as one of the best classic games ever made. The legacy of Pac-Man is right up there with Super Mario and Street Fighter as it is one of the titles that everyone from the Nintendo generation remembers playing. Over the years, there have been several versions of Pac-Man that have been released over various consoles and platforms. Some of these titles are counted among the top classic games, while some aren’t. Here are the best Pac-Man games released over the years.

Pac-Man World

First released in 1999, the game is a free-roaming 3D game developed for PlayStation by Namco. On his 20th birthday, Pac-Man arrives home to find that his family and friends have been abducted by the evil nemesis Toc-Man. Pac-Man World is among the best Pac-Man titles and the game’s success led to the release of two sequels.

Pac-Man: Adventures in Time

Pac-Man: Adventures in Time is a game designed for PC and was released back in 2000. The game is counted among the top Pac-Man titles and contains forty mazes divided into five worlds. It was based on the classic arcade game but had new obstacles like deadly boulders and animals. It also featured a bonus mini-game.


Pac-Mania is one of the classic arcade versions of the game that was released back in 1987 by Atari Games. The game was the last arcade version of the game and retained most of the aspects of the original Pac-Man from the 80s as well as added some new features such as making Pac-Man jump to avoid the ghosts. It was also the first 3D version of the game.

Another Pac-Man title worth mentioning is Pac-Man 2, which wasn’t a maze game but rather a point-and-click game that made it fun and interesting. However, it leaves the player missing the classic Pac-Man versions.

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Looking back in time

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