Family PS4 Games for Everyone

Having a PS4 can be a great way for a family to bond by playing games together. In a time when every member of the family is occupied with their personal gadgets including cell phones and tablet, Play Station can be a great way to have fun and relax together. There are many games that are family friendly and everyone can enjoy together.
Minecraft is a fun and creative way for the player to enjoy by mining and building anything at all. It’s among the best games for kids as it gives them the chance to use their imagination to build stuff and the local co-op feature lets everyone play and have fun together.
Rayman Legends
It’s a delightful and fun game with a sense of humor and soundtrack that add to the game’s charm. Rayman Legends is a game with many fun yet difficult levels and so many worlds of adventure that everyone in the family can enjoy.
Lego Jurassic World
If your kids love dinosaurs or Legos, this is a must-buy game for your PS4. It’s not only a fun and worth having game in the Lego series, but it’s the latest addition that is based on the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park movies. Players can even play as a dinosaur that makes this game the perfect title for kids, though these Lego titles are for anyone who loves to have fun.
Just Dance 2015
It’s the kind of game that is perfect for all family members to play together. Silly, fun, and groovy, it’s not just a great way to make some memories with your family, but you can also learn some legit dance moves.
Some other PS4 family-friendly games worth trying are Costume Quest 2, Octodad: Daddliest Catch, Doki-Doki Universe and Peggle 2.